Terms and conditions for the use of Flytoget’s digital platform

Flytoget is operating under a licence issued by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Norwegian Railway Authority.

These terms and conditions regulate our customers’1 use of Flytoget’s digital platform2. We recommend that you read them, in particular the sections dealing with the processing of personal data and other terms that may have an impact on your journeys3.

These terms and conditions will occasionally be updated, for instance as a consequence of our services being modified or extended. You will be notified if this requires your renewed consent. The current version of the terms and conditions will always be available on flytoget.no.

In today’s high-tech society most of us leave an electronic trail every day. The purpose of these terms and conditions is to provide you, as a customer, with sufficient information concerning Flytoget’s processing of non-sensitive personal data4 about you and your journeys.

By creating a profile, you accept these terms and conditions and confirm that you have read and understood them, and that you consent to their application as described below. Customers under 13 years of age will need to provide the consent of a parent or guardian.

When you create a profile on Flytoget’s digital platform you will be asked to provide certain personal details. Flytoget will process5 these personal details to allow us to offer you as relevant and simple services as possible, now and in the future, and to further develop our services. The details are also required for us to communicate with you and to manage your customer relationship in association with your use of Flytoget’s digital platform.

Under the terms of the Norwegian Personal Data Act, Flytoget is the controller6 of the personal data and thus responsible for their processing, unless the information has been collated by Flytoget’s partners.

Flytoget is working in partnership with a number of suppliers who contribute to the development of Flytoget’s digital services. In such instances we may disclose the personal data provided by our customers to these partners if they are needed in connection with our work together. All suppliers have to enter into a data processing agreement with Flytoget.

Flytoget and Flytoget’s partners7 are entitled to communicate8 with members. This includes a right to provide information or details relating to offers on their respective products and services. Should Flytoget’s partners contact the Customer direct, they will take on the role of controller under the Personal Data Act. Flytoget’s partners will disclose the nature of the personal data on which their information or offer is based, they will inform you that the data has been obtained from Flytoget, and that the partner in question is the controller under the Norwegian Personal Data Act.

Communications may be forwarded to members under 18 years of age for the purpose of confirming services or offers already accepted. Any other communication to members under the age of 18 will be sent by post to the member’s parent or guardian.

The Flytoget App makes use of Push Notifications9 for the purpose of notifying customers.

EuroBonus members who wish to use their membership number when buying Flytoget journeys, confirm that they have accepted the EuroBonus terms and conditions10. Should a customer be found to abuse any privileges11, Flytoget reserves the right, subject to reasonable discretion, to terminate the link between EuroBonus and the customer’s profile. This will mean that any bonus point earned that remain unused and have yet to be registered under EuroBonus, will be lost.

Your personal data will be stored in Norway or within the boundaries of the EU/EEA, as in accordance with Norwegian privacy legislation.

You are entitled to request disclosure of all information registered about yourself, and to have this information sent to you. You are also entitled to have this information corrected, deleted or supplemented if it is incorrect or incomplete. To instigate this process, please contact Flytoget’s customer service by telephone12 or e-mail13, or send a written request14 to Flytoget.

Copyright, other rights and the content of Flytoget’s digital platform are the property of15 Flytoget or the company’s subcontractors and partners.

1. Why is Flytoget collecting personal data?

Flytoget will record and process personal data for the following purposes:

  • Keeping a record of EuroBonus points earned and used.
  • Administration and execution of orders.
  • Analysis of customer behaviour.
  • Evaluation and improvement of activities run by Flytoget and Flytoget’s partners.
  • Updating the addresses and contact details of members, and blocking/cancelling the EuroBonus accounts of deceased members.
  • Coordinating offers and activities promoted by Flytoget and/or our partners. In order to coordinate offers and activities considered to be of interest to customers, personal data may be transferred to and shared with Flytoget’s partners. Such sharing is allowable across national borders outside the EU and EEA.
  • Tailoring the marketing of products and services offered by Flytoget and/or Flytoget’s partners. Members have a right to request that their personal data never be used for the purpose of direct marketing, or that they are excluded from receiving all promotional material distributed by Flytoget or Flytoget’s partners. This right is claimed by contacting Flytoget or by utilising the link provided in the relevant digital communication.

2. Are my personal details safe?

Yes! You can be assured that no details relating to yourself or your journeys may be abused by Flytoget in our capacity as controller of the personal data we process. All personal data will be securely stored and confidentially handled in accordance with:

  • The Norwegian Personal Data Act of 14 April 2000, no. 31 and associated regulations.
  • The industry standard for privacy and information security in electronic ticketing.
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Your personal data will never be transferred to a third party unless you have given Flytoget your express consent that such transfer is acceptable.

3. For how long will my travel receipts be stored?

Tickets are stored in your Flytoget App’s purchase and travel history for 90 days from the time of purchase. This is to ensure that you will be able to obtain a receipt. By creating a profile you accept that your personal data will be linked to stored information about ticket receipts for the last 700 days.

This makes it possible for you to retrieve receipts for earlier journeys.

The purpose of an extended storage period in Flytoget’s customer database is to enable Flytoget to offer customers access to retrieving receipts for earlier journeys, and because Flytoget wishes to identify customer groups based on their travel history, in order to offer them value-added services (such as loyalty programmes).

Information stored as travel history may include the time of purchase and travel, type of ticket, method of payment and the number of tickets bought.

Once you have created a profile you can reduce the storage time for your travel receipts on “My page” to 104 days.

Should you choose to delete your profile, your personal data will also be deleted. As a consequence, your travel receipts will become anonymous, as was the case before you created a profile.

If you have opted to reduce the storage time for receipts in your profile, this will be reset to 700 days. You can go on using your credit card for ticketless travel as before, but you will be unable to claim a discount on electronic ticket purchases, have receipts or other information sent to you, or receive a tailored digital service based on the information available to us.

4. For how long will my personal details linked to EuroBonus be stored?

EuroBonus points expire four years after the end of the qualifying period during which the points were earned, or when the membership ceases to exist.

Flytoget will store personal data for 12 months after the date on which your points expire.

Personal data concerning travel, hotel, car rental, and other purchases will only be processed within one year of the date on which the data was submitted or updated.

5. What is the Flytoget App and how do I use it?

  • Objective: The Flytoget App enables you to buy tickets for Flytoget’s train services, plan your journeys and gain access to updated travel information in real time. You will also have access to receipts for your ticket purchases.

  • Registration: Before you can use and purchase tickets with the Flytoget App you will need to register your full name and mobile telephone number, as well as your payment details, with Klarna, Flytoget’s payment service provider. You will also be asked to provide your email address if you wish to receive a receipt.

    All purchases and payments are made in accordance with Klarna’s conditions of service and all payment information is stored and processed by Klarna and their partners in accordance with current privacy guidelines.

  • Use: If you want to travel on a ticket purchased via the Flytoget App, you will need to buy the correct type of ticket for the correct line section and have it downloaded to your mobile or tablet before you start your journey. You are also responsible for ensuring that your device is available and your screen readable, and that you have sufficient battery power for the duration of the journey and until you have passed through the Flytoget gates at Oslo Airport. You may be asked by a ticket inspector to display your ticket while travelling.

    When you travel from Oslo Airport, your ticket will be read at the gates before you go down to the platform.
    When you travel to Oslo Airport, your ticket will be read at the gates on arrival.

    The ticket is valid from the time of purchase until you pass through the gates at Oslo Airport. The ticket will remain viewable for inspection in the Flytoget App for 2 hours after you have passed through Flytoget’s gates at Oslo Airport.

    The ticket is valid for a single journey on a specific line section, irrespective of travel direction, but not for a specified time of travel. You will therefore be able to purchase a number of tickets for later use on the same mobile telephone/device, within a period of 90 days from the time of purchase. You can also buy tickets for other people in your party, provided you travel together on the train.

    If you travel without a valid ticket, pass or proof of concession, you will be asked to pay a fine as in accordance with Flytoget’s Conditions of Carriage.

6. What responsibility does Flytoget have for the Flytoget App?

The Flytoget App will normally be available at all times and work without fault or shortcomings.

However, in order to work at its best, the Flytoget App depends on a number of different systems and on network access.

The Flytoget App, or some of its functionalities, may occasionally be unavailable for reasons of maintenance, etc. Flytoget cannot guarantee that the Flytoget App is free from viruses or any other security risks.

You are responsible for making backup copies of data stored on your mobile/tablet, for using and maintaining antivirus software and for taking other protective measures. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to update the Flytoget App when new versions are launched.

Flytoget is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss that you or any others may suffer in connection with using Flytoget App, or as a consequence of not being able to use it as expected.

Should a situation arise in which incorrect timetable information provided by the Flytoget App means that you incur expenses by having to organise alternative transport or take other necessary measures, Flytoget’s Conditions of Carriage will apply.

7. What are the rules relating to cancellation and termination of the user agreement for the Flytoget App?

You are free to cancel your contract by contacting Flytoget’s customer service.

Tickets cannot be transferred to another profile. Unused tickets will not be refunded. See also the provisions set out in Flytoget’s Conditions of Carriage.

Flytoget may cancel the agreement should we discontinue our commitment to offer the Flytoget App, substantially modify it, or if we for any other reason should consider its continuation unwarrantable.

Should you be in material breach of this agreement, Flytoget is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect, or to restrict your access to the App’s functionalities.

1 "Customers" are individuals who buy our services, and their parents or guardians. Employees at Oslo Airport will also be referred to as customers when they buy tickets at a discounted rate as a consequence of their employment.

2 "Flytoget’s digital platform" includes the Flytoget App, My Page, EuroBonus, Flytoget’s website, and associated payment solutions provided by our partners.

3 The parties’ rights and obligations are regulated by Flytoget’s Conditions of Carriage, the Norwegian Railway Liability Act and Norwegian regulations on the rights of train passengers. Terms and conditions relating to Flytoget’s tickets, travel information about tickets and prices, our travel guarantee and service availability are accessible on flytoget.no under Travel Information.

4 "Personal data" refers to information about individual members and their activities, as well as any communication between the parties. We ask that you register your full name to allow us to personalise the service. We ask that you register your contact details, including telephone number and address. Your email address will be used for purposes such as sending receipts. Mobile phone numbers are stored in the Flytoget App in connection with icket purchases. Should you change your mobile phone number, tickets that existed before the number change will remain available in the Flytoget App. Flytoget will ask for your age and your choice of ticket. Flytoget will register payment information, including journey details such as your departure and destination stations, time of ticket purchase and the amount paid. Flytoget will register electronic and technical information, including information about your telephone and App, IP address, traffic data, app ID, app version, operating system and telephone model. This is to enable us to provide the best possible assistance when required and offer relevant updates. Flytoget will register your location, which enables the Flytoget App to automatically suggest the nearest station as departure station, and present our services in the locations most relevant to you. Flytoget will also register network communications, as all information in the Flytoget App requires network access to retrieve the information stored in Flytoget’s systems. Network access may refer to a wireless network or a mobile phone network. For Oslo Airport staff who hold an ID card, any registration of a telephone number in the Flytoget App, will automatically trigger a search in Avinor’s ID card database in order to confirm employment. The objective is to offer employees the type of ticket to which they are entitled. No personal data will be exchanged in this process. Personal data may be collated and obtained by Flytoget, Flytoget’s partners and external sources.

5 "Processing" refers to any use of personal data, such as collecting, recording, organising, adjusting, changing, collating, modifying, combining, structuring, storing and disclosing or a combination of any such uses.

6 "Controller" refers to the person who determines the purpose of the processing of the personal data and the tools to be employed in doing so.

7 Flytoget works in partnership with the following companies: SAS Eurobonus.

8 "Communications" include postal letters, electronic post, telephone contact (including mobile voice call, SMS and MMS), Push Notifications, e-mail, social media and other digital channels.

9 A "push notification" is a brief message sent direct to the customer’s phone. The message is a notification of any new content, improvement or offer that Flytoget deems to be of interest to the customer. The customer chooses whether or not to receive Push Notifications when installing the application. The customer can also choose not to receive Push Notifications by withdrawing his/her consent via the mobile telephone’s Settings menu.

10 https://www.sas.no/eurobonus/om-eurobonus/Medlemsvilkar/

11 "Abuse of privilege" may include any uncouth or disrespectful conduct towards Flytoget or Flytoget’s partners, employees or passengers, as well as criminal acts or behaviour that is generally considered to be immoral or unethical.

12 +47 23 15 90 00.

13 flytoget@flytoget.no

14 The request should be addressed to Flytoget AS (attn: Customer Services), Post Box 19 Sentrum, 0101 Oslo.

15 All rights are protected by copyright legislation. No commercial exploitation of these is permissible unless prior agreement has been obtained in writing from Flytoget or Flytoget’s subcontractors or partners. This applies to the copying, dissemination and sale of information, pictures, graphics, programme code and technical solutions. You have no right to try to circumvent the safety system that protects Flytoget’s digital platform. Any transgression in this respect may give rise to liability in damages as well as criminal liability.

Terms and conditions version 2, published August 15th 2016